Apply for a 1 year paid internship in Silicon Valley.

For class of 2018-2019


What is SVIP

The SVIP gives newly graduating Software Engineering Students the unique experience of working with hot tech companies in Silicon Valley through a one-year internship. The aim is that through this experience, SVIP interns will bring a little of the Silicon Valley attitude back to the entrepreneurial community back home. Successful applicants are matched with a high growth tech company and work as an integral part of their engineering teams. They are paid a salary of $60,000 for the year. The SVIP helps to arrange for US work visas and provides a return flight to San Francisco, as well as accommodation for the first month. In addition, the SVIP hosts monthly ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’ and ‘Hackathon’ events, which take the SVIPers through the company formation process from idea to revenue.

There are 2 groups of candidates who qualify to apply for the SVIP:

The ‘SVIP path’: for Computer Science (or similar)  graduates with strong software development skills and entrepreneurial zeal who are EU citizens and have graduated (or will graduate) from a UK university

The ‘Girls in Tech path’: through our partnership with Girls in Tech (GIT) is open to any woman from almost any country (there are a few exceptions for visa processing reasons) with strong software development skills and entrepreneurial zeal who have graduated (or will graduate) from an internationally known university and have working proficiency in English.

The experience

With your Company:

You will be a full-time member of the company’s engineering team

You will work hand in hand with the company’s teams learning first-hand the highs and lows of life in a fast growing technology company in the beating heart of Silicon Valley.

You will learn programming techniques and organizational structures to deliver commercial code in a high stakes environment.

With the SVIP:

You will learn from prominent entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in monthly ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’ interviews.

You will build a company from idea to launch through a sequence of monthly, weekend-long educational sessions or hackathons where industry experts and mentors will work with you and your teams towards success.

The programme culminates with the SVIP teams pitching their ideas to a panel of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

How to Apply

Complete the Application

Complete the application, where you’ll be required to submit your CV, tell us about an interesting technical project you’ve worked on and demonstrate your entrepreneurial drive. Be sure to make your application stand out – we receive a lot!

Take the Online Code Test

After the application, you will be required to take an approximately 2 hour code test managed by our partners at Hackerrank. This code test will be used to assess your software development skills and help us to find the best match between you and a sponsoring company.



If successful, you’ll be invited to interview with the SVIP. We’ll ask all about your technical passions and entrepreneurial aspirations, before passing you through to interview with Bay Area startups. SVIP will match you with the companies we feel align best with your interests.

Some of our Companies

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