About SVIP

Learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur

The SVIP gives newly graduating Software Engineering Students the unique experience of working with hot tech companies in Silicon Valley through a one-year internship. The aim is that through this experience, SVIP interns will bring a little of the Silicon Valley attitude back to the entrepreneurial community back home. Successful applicants are matched with a high growth tech company and work as an integral part of their engineering teams. They are paid a salary of $60,000 for the year. The SVIP helps to arrange for US work visas and provides a return flight to San Francisco, as well as accommodation for the first month. In addition, the SVIP hosts monthly ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’ and ‘Hackathon’ events, which take the SVIPers through the company formation process from idea to revenue.

Our companies make a range of software products; from enterprise software to consumer offerings and even tools for developers. We aim to place you with small to medium sized companies where you will gain real hands-on experience of day to day life in a Silicon Valley tech company. That can sometimes mean that shoes in the office are optional and high-level meetings are conducted over a game of ping pong. In Silicon Valley, companies are agile and move quickly. You may even get to be a part of a real Silicon Valley success story; we’re had SVIPers see their companies IPO, go through high profile acquisitions and of course, pivot.